Healthcare Automation –
Revolutionizing How You Work.

RPA, EHR platform migration, data optimization and other services that advance the level of care and lower costs for patients, clinicians, healthcare administration, IT, payers and other stakeholders.

About Us

Since 1985, Boston Software Systems is the leader in providing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software  for hospitals, health systems, healthcare provider organizations and partners servicing them.

On a global basis, we are the high performance standard of healthcare RPA.

Our forward vision moves the past and present of healthcare information systems into the future:

  • Innovating the digitization of healthcare
  • Elevating patient care and data performance while reducing clinician and administrative data burden and eliminating expenses

This pure focus enables Boston Software Systems to continually innovate on behalf of the medical, business, technical and organizational needs of its healthcare clients to advance patient care and lower costs.

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