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RPA, EHR platform migration, data optimization and other services that advance the level of care and lower costs for patients, clinicians, healthcare administration, IT, payers and other stakeholders.

About Us

Since 1985, Boston Software Systems has been committed to excellence in the healthcare field. We have been providing automation solutions to hospitals, health systems, healthcare provider organizations and technology partners. 

On a global basis, we are the high performance standard of healthcare automation. Our forward vision moves the past and present of healthcare information systems into the future, without lost productivity.

By elevating data performance and reducing clinical and administrative data burden, we allow doctors to be doctors.

As part of global digitization, our healthcare automation software solutions reduce manual, redundant tasks; create efficient data workflow processes, accelerate data thru-put and bridge information system silos. 

Boston Software Systems provides an enriched portfolio of automation solutions, migration platform and strategic services and technologies to increase organizational efficiency, productivity and improve ROI.

Trusted by 2,800 global clients, to complete over 300+ migrations and thousands of application process automations, we reduce overhead, lower operating costs, and transform operational roadblocks for the entire health system.

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