About Us

Data is the life blood of a healthcare organization. From patient records and clinical documentation to registration and revenue cycle systems, the immediate availability of accurate data is critical. As organizations push to improve information systems, migrating, accessing, archiving and working with data can mean stretched resources, exploding budgets and pushed deadlines.

Since 1985, Boston Software Systems has provided industry-leading automation platforms designed for hospital environments. Thousands of hospitals around the world are using Boston Software Systems’ healthcare automation software to reliably automate thousands of processes including platform migrations. Our software eliminates the need for redundant data entry and frees your personnel to focus on what they do best.

At Boston Software Systems, we understand that our success begins with your success. We recognize that orchestrating the automation of a complex business process network takes planning, persistence, and a solid support team. As our customers regularly attest, we prove our extraordinary dedication to your success - every day. From our field-tested trainers and consultants to our knowledgeable support team, your success remains our highest priority.