Major Health System Chooses Boston Software Systems For Large Scale RPA / EHR Initiatives

Feb 12, 2018

Boston Software Systems has 2018 well underway starting off in a series of RPA and EHR platform migration projects with one of the world’s largest faith-based health systems. The array of care they provide is vast; they are comprised of 150+ hospitals, 50 senior living facilities and 160,000 employees located across 22 states.

With assertive deployment of Boston Software Systems healthcare-engineered RPA technology and strategic EHR platform migration experience; the health system is consolidating its data from several sources onto a single platform for use across their entire organization. The initial phase involves three different automations applying over 25 steps each to search, organize, transfer and optimize data from a limited-scale ED platform to full-scale Epic platform. The client will realize an array of benefits from our RPA solutions:

  • A singular EHR platform reduces costs, increases uniform access to data across the organization
  • Updated, more efficient workflows can be developed increasing organizational productivity
  • Strategic process controls assure accuracy and thoroughness throughout migration
  • Multiple manual entries / procedural steps are converted into seamless, automated processes for greater efficiency and higher data performance with lower costs
  • Reduced burden on staff; enabling them to focus more on other tasks
  • Better use of clinical, financial, data and technical resources

As this phase progresses, we have several other RPA / data optimization projects moving forward with this client as this leading healthcare provider organization seeks to maximize the ROI of its healthcare information systems for its clinician and administrative staff to deliver higher levels of advanced care at less cost.

For over 30 years, Boston Software Systems is the high performance standard in healthcare RPA, EHR platform migration and data optimization solutions for hospitals and health systems worldwide. Our pure focus in healthcare enables us to immediately collaborate with customers and partners to engineer innovative, cost effective ways to apply RPA solutions. Platform migration has a clinical, financial, technical and operational impact on healthcare provider organizations. We have the established experience necessary to facilitate platform migration initiatives on-time and on-budget; enabling clients to gain maximum ROI from EHR platforms, increase patient care and organizational productivity while reducing costs.

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