Partner for Success with Boston Software Systems

Are your customers looking to you for a fully integrated solution?  Today’s healthcare vendors know that integrating with existing systems can be a deal breaker. Our automation platforms are the answer if you:
  • Spend time and resources building integration for each deployment
  • Avoid opportunities where standard interface options are not available
  • Need a competitive difference to stand out
Boston WorkStation and Cognauto provide automated workflow for more than 100 leading healthcare vendors, enabling each vendor to connect with existing systems, exchange information with websites, and enhance their solutions with additional capabilities.

Partner with us and benefit from:
  • Stable, high-performance technologies that are readily deployed
  • Flexible response to markets and business models
  • Rapid time-to-market and time-to-value
  • A team of healthcare industry experts
  • A proven support infrastructure that backs up our technology

We have successfully used Boston WorkStation to integrate a number of our hospital customers with several GHX software solutions. This software is an essential component of our success; without it, many of our integrations would be impossible to accomplish. 
- Phil Hill, Integration Engineer, GHX


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