Boston Software Systems: RPA Software Solutions For Healthcare

With Boston Software Systems’ healthcare-focused robotic process automation (RPA) software solutions, you can:

  • Reduce the manual data entry and data management burden on doctors, nurses plus other clinicians and administrative staff
  • Facilitate large and small scale, simple or complex, routine and ad hoc reporting
  • Drive data performance and organizational productivity to benefit internal and external stakeholders
  • Maximize data processing 24 / 7 regardless of patient caseload peaks and troughs
  • Routinely produce uniform, accurate documentation for clinical, financial, compliance, technical and other purposes
  • Foster digitization of your organization; procreate the digital employee, embrace business process automation 
  • Implement in existing systems, realize immediate return on investment, bolster technical productivity
  • Accelerate execution of basic or intricate data manipulation for quicker results, decision-making
  • Reduce risk, errors, delays and costs
  • Increase the focus on and level of care

We provide healthcare automation software solutions to thousands of healthcare provider organizations worldwide so they achieve their clinical, financial, operational and technical goals.  High performance data is a resource which gives doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians a decisive edge in patient care.  Healthcare administration, operations, IT and other staff members are empowered to achieve their tasks and goals; healthcare organizations become more productive clinically and commercially.

Boston Software Systems is dedicated to:

  • Hospitals, Health Systems, Healthcare Provider Organizations and our Partners
  • Engineering advanced healthcare RPA solutions for an array of applications
  • Fulfilling an active role in every healthcare organization’s mission to provide higher levels of care at a lower cost
  • Providing customer service and support with established technical and healthcare knowledge

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists plus other clinicians and administrative staff are disadvantaged with high volumes of data tasks; our software, solutions and services resolve this issue.  Patient care and organizational productivity improves while cost and complexity is reduced with our healthcare RPA.  Data becomes a resource -not a burden.

Engage the links below to learn more about some of our leading healthcare RPA software, tools and solutions:

Boston WorkStation

Boston WorkStation is feature-rich RPA software that automates thousands of common, repetitive and manual data tasks within and across units, departments, individual facilities / hospitals, entire health systems and other healthcare provider organizations.  Simple or complex processes are mapped and executed with high-speed precision and accuracy.


Cognauto is a robotic process automation platform designed for enterprise-wide deployment in your specific clinical / technical healthcare systems environment.