Business and Finance: Fast return with automation

Business and Finance departments demand accuracy even when staff is in short supply.

Boston Software Systems has the RPA technology to automate mass uploads, check websites and perform repetitive tasks. These automation solutions:
  • Gave a financial systems analyst the ability to reduce failed claims by two thirds.
  • Saved an application analyst six months of data entry and $40,000 by automating the upload of all ethnicity and racial reporting for the Massachusetts case mix submission.
  • Saves a systems manager 18 hours per week by automating overall electronic remittance claim process, which reduces patient payment processing time and maximizes the hospital's cash flow.
Hospitals, health systems and large healthcare provider organizations benefit from Boston Software Systems' automation platforms to serve as precision engines driving financial data processing tasks.  They achieve greater efficiency and higher accuracy with accounting, finance, revenue cycle management / RCM, auditing, managed care reimbursement including payer claim denials / Medicare claim denials and other applications.

Automated data capture paired with automated data input enables hospital financial management teams with tight budgets and minimal staff to push and pull data in linear or cyclical processes to get routine or complex jobs done with little or no oversight. 
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