RPA Improves Healthcare Business & Finance ROI

Hospital and health system business professionals worldwide rely on maximum performance from healthcare information systems. Since 1985, Boston Software Systems has developed innovative robotic process automation (RPA) technology so they can realize the cost-effective benefits of business process automation. As part of the digitization of workforces, our healthcare automation software solutions reduce manual, redundant tasks; creating efficient workflow processes, accelerating data thru-put while bridging disconnects and data silos.

Our combination of software, services and exclusive focus in healthcare enables us to provide an assertive and enriched portfolio of RPA solutions, platform migration and other strategic services and technology that increase organizational effectiveness, productivity and information system ROI -- while reducing administrative, financial and technical resources to manage it.

Boston Software Systems and our partners have collaborated with customers to achieve their goals across many departments and functions:

  • Contract Management
  • Accounting, Administration, Finance, Employee Records / Human Resources
  • Revenue Cycle Management / Reimbursement Optimization
    • Accounts Payable
    • Audits
    • Automated Reporting (scheduled and ad hoc)
    • Charge Posting
    • Claim Processing / Payer Management (commercial insurance / managed care organizations, Medicaid, Medicare, DHA / TRICARE, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) etc.)
    • Claim Denial Processing, Claim Resubmissions
    • Eligibility and Benefits Verification, Continual Coding Updates for Medical and Business Purposes
    • Banking / Financial Institution Funds and Data Routing
    • Patient Billing / Payment Transactions
    • Reconciliations
    • Referral and Authorization
  • Facility Scheduling and Staffing

Automating revenue cycle management has a direct impact within hospitals and across health systems. Learn more about improving Healthcare Administration and Finance ROI with RPA; download this whitepaper covering:

  • RPA Basics
  • Hospital / Health System RCM and RPA
  • RCM Process

“Hospital and Health System Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): Improve Performance with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”

Managed care / payer reimbursement claims processing is a pivotal element of hospital / health system revenue cycle management. This case study profiles a leading academic health systems and how Boston Software Systems’ developed a series of RPA applications to streamline and accelerate health insurance / medical billing claim reimbursement processes to reach their RCM goals:

“An Academic Health System Achieves Positive RCM Outcomes”

Hospitals, health systems and large healthcare provider organizations have complex revenue cycles, financial management structures and claims reimbursement processes. When it comes to data / technology-based functions, robotic process automation (RPA) offers advantages and ROI to reduce staff, financial, time and other resources required to manage claim denials. Download this whitepaper to learn how to strategically apply RPA and improve your claim denial and revenue cycle management performance:

“Claim Denial Processing: Accelerate Success with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”

If your organization is considering or has completed a merger or acquisition, download this whitepaper covering the performance advantages RPA, EHR migration and data optimization; these can deliver quick, substantial ROI and cost reductions while accelerating integration and organizational effectiveness:

“Hospital and Health System Mergers & Acquisitions: Achieve Clinical, Financial and Organizational Goals with RPA”

RPA has wide utility in healthcare administration, business and finance. Download this whitepaper featuring examples of how Boston Software Systems has collaborated with customers to develop innovative, cost-reducing RPA solutions for these and other applications:

  • Patient Billing
  • Benefit Verification
  • Insurance / Reimbursement Claims Processing
  • Patient Registration
  • Payer Claim Denial Resubmissions