Tracking critical data with an EHR/EMR audit

There can be no tolerance for error when migrating critical data to your new EHR, but if manual data entry is part of your migration plan you may find error rates above 25% and you have no clean, clear or easy way of tracking the source of those errors!

The automation platforms from Boston Software Systems automate the migration of critical data and provide a complete EHR/EMR audit of all data, providing a visible path that tracks what was done. You will see every field that was updated and can identify the exact source of the data that was migrated. Should there be any issues, our EMR audit will show you exactly what was done so you can take immediate action to correct those issues in a supplemental run. These adjustments vary from something that wasn’t built out in your EMR/EHR or data changes that need to be made. In many cases this covers 99+% of your data. Additional supplemental runs can be performed as many times as needed. This process is so fluid you can insure you have 100% accurate data that is 100% available the day of your go live.

A new EHR invariably means new workflows and new processes. By automating the migration, not only will the data be entered 20 to 50 times faster than a person would enter it, you will have an EHR audit to ensure the process was done properly. Exclusively using HL7 interfaces, you have one chance at a clean migration – but that one chance may have unexpected downstream issues and cannot be done if there are “shared patients” that already exist in the system (especially if this isn’t your first go live). Software Systems’ automations are tested in SUP, CERT and Test environments so the EMR audit is reviewed and any exceptions are dealt with before the data moves into your production environment. The result? Critical data is migrated with 100% accuracy without impacting your project, timeline or budget.

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