Automation: The key to your platform migration strategy

The planning and implementation of a new EMR or HIS requires a thoughtful approach to legacy systems migration. Relying solely on the vendor to handle the transition may leave hospitals vulnerable to missing data or worse. Organizations may find they are responsible for handling massive amounts of critical data from legacy systems, requiring additional staffing and time.
Used to extract, validate, cleanse and import data with precision, Boston WorkStation is perfectly designed to make your cross platform migration run smoothly. An automated migration platform assures accurate migration of critical data found in legacy systems including patient information that is unformatted and free text such as:
  • Allergies
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Registrations
  • Vitals - Weight, Height, Head Circumference
  • Immunizations
 Using Boston WorkStation as your platform migration technology allows you to:
  • Gain access to all the data you need to deliver optimal care Day One
  • Keep your migration on-time and under budget by automating the migration of data in your legacy systems
  • Drive adoption of the new system by having all data available in your new system
  • Eliminate risk by ensuring data compliance requirements
Contact us to learn more about our automation platforms and how they can play a key role in your cross platform migration strategy.