Migration automation platforms ensure you meet your EMR / EHR implementation timeline

Maintaining control of your EMR / EHR conversion implementation timeline is critical. Delays are costly; they reduce adoption of the new system and can halt the project before it starts. The most common reason for delay is discovering more data is needed in the new system than your vendor suggests.

For optimum care and cost-effective outcomes, there is no substitute for complete patient records and associated data.  Either clinicians have complete medical history or they don't. Our healthcare-focused robotic process automation (RPA) software solutions are engineered to help your organization overcome platform migration issues.

By migrating most of the data onto your new EHR platform and leaving some behind, three issues are created. First, if that data is discarded, the patient care record is made permanently incomplete. Second, if some data is retained in the old environment then clinicians and administrators have to toggle back and forth between old and new environments -- adding cost and complexity.  The third issue is timing; if your platform migration strategy is to have a lengthy, gradual transfer process, costs add up and the process itself becomes intricate and unwieldy -- which generates accuracy and access issues.

While HL7 interfaces can be built to load data ranging from demographics to medications, that solution includes time consuming development and doesn't scratch the surface of the information or usability of patient data your staff will need to offer optimal care on day one of your go live.

Boston Software Systems is deeply experienced in assisting hospitals to take control of their EMR / EHR conversion timeline.  By working with your project management, clinical and business teams you can identify in advance what data you will need, as well as where it should be loaded into the target application so it can be utilized with ease. Using our sophisticated healthcare automation platforms, we ensure the data that serves physicians, clinicians and the business office is available, such as:

  • Immunization records
  • Patient medication records
  • Allergies
  • Future appointments

Attempting to move this volume of information manually will not only extend your EMR / EHR implementation timeline, your staff will be at the mercy of an error rate that can exceed 25%. Our powerful RPA software solutions and services help you take control of your timeline for go-live by ensuring that all the data you need on day one is available to serve the needs of your physicians, clinicians and business staff.

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