Optimizing Point-Of-Care Data Performance with Healthcare RPA

Healthcare information systems can be a strategic difference maker in achieving patient care goals and managing the bottom lines starting at the point-of-care in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations. Our customers and partners around the globe trust Boston Software Systems to help them maximize healthcare data resources with our robotic process automation (RPA) technology and services. We collaborate with them to help drive patient care and organizational healthcare digitization with maximum output from data.

The results we deliver use less staff, financial and technical resources to accelerate flow of accurate data across:

  • Individual hospitals, entire health systems, large healthcare provider organizations
  • Administrative departments (accounting, finance, legal, operations, human resources, purchasing, IT, etc.)
  • Dozens of medical specialties and patient care units within main hospital campuses and across de-centralized facilities

Our RPA technology and healthcare industry knowledge have an impact starting at the point-of-care and into the far-reaching departments of hospitals and health systems. We help hospitals develop a digitized workforce to process data, which frees up staff to focus on patient care.

An automated information system enables provider organizations to efficiently align resources to provide better care for less cost and time; some examples include:

Learn more about optimizing Point-Of-Care Data Performance with RPA:

  • Master Patient Index
  • Billing / Insurance Claims Management
  • EMR Integration and Migration
  • Emergency Department
  • Ambulatory / Outpatient Care, Surgery Centers, Specialty Units