Automation in the physician's office:
The heart of patient care

  • Physician access to patient data
  • Healthcare data integration with hospital records
  • Simpler reporting and record-keeping 
These are the cornerstone objectives of the HITECH Act.  They are all made faster and more accurate with automation. 
  • A clinical applications analyst saved roughly $5,000 in FTEs automating the addition of all state-wide pharmacies
  • Pre-registering specimen into the hospital lab has saved time, increased accuracy of orders and allows lab technicians to concentrate on their work.
  • Data integration of patient information from a registration kiosk to the EMR saves clinicians from typing information and provides them more time for patient healthcare.
Automation of healthcare data in the physician’s office offers greater efficiency and higher accuracy with fewer resources.  Particularly when budgets and staffing are tight, automating healthcare data integration allows managers to get a variety of day-to-day jobs done with little or no oversight.
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