CPSI – Small organizations reap big rewards

For many years, Boston Software Systems has provided the means for
smaller organizations to do more with less. CPSI is a leading provider of EHR systems to rural, community and critical access hospitals where RPA is a natural fit for CPSI customers who need to stretch their resources and budgets.
Our automation platforms allow CPSI customers to automate manually intensive tasks and workflows resulting in reduced costs and time to completion, increased accuracy and eliminating the need for customization.  Among the processes our CPSI customers automate are:
  • Charge master updates
  • Claims handling
  • Real-time integration into patient registration
  • Report printing
  • Cash posting
Contact us to learn more about healthcare data integration using Boston Software Systems’ proven healthcare RPA technology that is flexible enough to meet the demands of smaller organizations --along with the power and capabilities required by the largest hospitals and health systems.