GE Healthcare - Patient & hospital record automation

As leading providers of clinical, IT, and physician’s office systems, GE Healthcare and earlier IDX systems require critical connections to applications and systems throughout the hospital.  Boston Software Systems provides those connections allowing clinics and physicians to improve patient care with immediate access to hospital records.

With extensive experience automating workflow with GE Centricity and other GE systems, Boston WorkStation is being used to integrate physician offices, speed the revenue cycle, and handle hundreds of routine manual tasks throughout the business office.

To reduce reliance on third-party consultants writing custom programs, GE customers have turned to Boston WorkStation as a cost-effective, powerful, and efficient solution to their integration and automation needs.

If you're planning a migration, watch this presentation by Kathleen Kostowny, an experienced project management and EHR consultant, as she shares how one healthcare organization overcame various challenges faced during their GE Centricity migration.

Every day, our technologies accurately perform routine tasks such as verifying insurance coverage and updating payment records. Our customers save tens of thousands of man hours annually.

Contact us to learn how automation enables hospital personnel to shift from concentrating on data to focusing on patients.