MEDITECH scripting & automation –
Turning challenge into automation

Boston Software Systems developed its technology to meet the automation needs of MEDITECH customers. We now provide the leading workflow scripting technology used in over 700 MEDITECH facilities around the world.

MEDITECH offers unique challenges to interfacing third party applications. In addition, MEDITECH upgrades require time-consuming manual processes. Boston WorkStation has been proven with every release of MEDITECH to:

  • Speed mass uploads
  • Scripting dictionary updates
  • Simplify MEDITECH scripting
  • Automate B/AR workflow with scripting
  • Expedite a variety of migration and conversion projects
  • Accelerate day-to-day tasks throughout the hospital

Our extensive experience automating workflow in the MEDITECH 5.5-6.1 environments gives you the confidence that our products work for your current system and will continue work as you upgrade. If you are currently upgrading your MEDITECH system, talk to us about where automation can help speed your upgrade more reliably than any other scripting toolkit. 

Every day, Boston WorkStation accurately performs routine tasks such as verifying insurance coverage and updating payment records. The savings of time and money is dramatic. Our customers save tens of thousands of man hours annually. Most important, a successful implementation of Boston WorkStation enables hospital personnel to move from concentrating on data to focusing on patients.

We are commercial members of the MUSE organization.