Siemens healthcare automation

Siemens Healthcare, one of the foremost hospital systems providers, partners with Boston Software Systems to ensure universal connectivity and interoperability. And, Siemens customers find that our technology helps them by automating data uploads or integrating data from any third party application to all Siemens applications including Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Financials.

Reducing reliance on third-party consultants to write custom programs, Siemens hospitals have turned to Boston Software Systems. It is a cost-effective, powerful, and efficient solution to their automation and interface needs.

Siemens customers accurately automate complex upgrades and routine tasks such as verifying insurance coverage and updating payment records using Boston WorkStation. The savings are dramatic - tens of thousands of man hours annually. Most important, a successful implementation of Boston WorkStation enables hospital personnel to shift from concentrating on data to focusing on patients.

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