athenaHealth EHR and Healthcare Software Integration

athenaHealth is a leading cloud-based EHR and Practice Management platform provider. While web or cloud-based platforms like athenaHealth’s athenaNet solve many IT challenges, users need to integrate with other applications, data and workflows. Automating the upload or interaction with web-based applications such as athenaHealth saves time, reduces burden on staff and increases accuracy.

athenaHealth EHR and Practice Management platform

Boston Software Systems’ healthcare automation platforms are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our clients move patient data from other systems into athenaClinicals and perform daily tasks within the patient revenue cycle to athenaCollector including:

  • Small balance write-offs
  • Cash posting
  • Charge entry
  • Writing accounts to bad debt

Hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations prefer Boston Software Systems based on our exclusive healthcare focus. We deeply understand healthcare revenue cycle management and how to engineer assertively productive robotic process automation (RPA) software solutions for healthcare digitization including claims processing and automating claim denials - as well as an array of other applications including EHR migration, purchasing / materials management, pricing, scheduling / appointments, IT, operations and other areas.

Another significant advantage of our healthcare focus is our knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and other data privacy and security standards -- attributes other RPA vendors do not possess. This assures healthcare data projects are successfully accomplished with a minimum of risk.

Contact us to discover how our healthcare RPA solutions are used as proven integration solutions for optimizing workflow with all web or cloud-based solutions. Hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations recognize Boston Software Systems as the High Performance Standard in Healthcare Robotic Process Automation.