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Unlock the true potential of the health system with a digital workforce. Healthcare automation, robotic process automation (RPA), EHR/EMR platform migration, data optimization, and other services that advance the level of care and lower costs for patients, clinicians, healthcare administration, IT, payers, and other stakeholders.


We Bridge The Gaps in Healthcare - Boston Software Systems is the only automation solution with a pure healthcare focus and 30 years of experience.

Committed to excellence in the healthcare field, we provide automation solutions to hospitals, health systems, provider organizations and technology partners.  

Boston Software Systems provides a digital workforce, trusted by 2,800 global clients, to complete thousands of application processes. We work with all EHR vendors, hospitals and healtth systems to improve data migration, revenue cycle management and supply chain processes. We bring over all of the data you need to a new EHR, and have it available for Go Live, to improve usability, and lower operational roadblocks. 

 healthcare automation software solutions align to workflow processes, like revenue cycle management - where we can improve bottom line revenue and speed to processing. We provide an enriched portfolio, of strategic services to increase organizational productivity and improve ROI. 

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Boston WorkStation™ The Only Automation Vendor With a Pure Focus in Healthcare for 30 Years.

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