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That's important, especially today, when we are facing a global crisis. It is comforting for our client hospitals and health systems to know that Boston WorkStation automations were built for this.

When the federal government requested that all hospital labs send COVID-19 testing data to HHS daily, we were prepared, with an agile process, one that is implemented quickly, enabling client hospitals to send comprehensive reports to HHS, with 100% accuracy, and no need for extra staffing.

In addition, Boston WorkStation automates the daily reporting of cases and bed counts in facilities, as a required part of the CDC’s ongoing COVID-19 response reporting. This alleviates a manual administrative burden, and allows staff to focus on patient care.

Whether it's data migration, reporting, organizing, analyzing or processing large volumes of data, we are committed to excellence in the healthcare field. Our automation solutions improve usability, lower operational roadblocks, streamline tasks, and provide a fast ROI. 

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