Global Lab and Diagnostic Firm Chooses Boston Software Systems as a Strategic Resource Partner

Jul 11, 2018

A global leader in Healthcare Laboratory and Diagnostics services and technology has chosen Boston Software Systems as a strategic resource partner. The company’s capabilities span a wide breadth of patient care needs from routine blood tests to complex, gene-based and molecular testing. Their work includes clinical trials, patient wellness and risk management initiatives. All aspects of their work centers on healthcare data from multiple touchpoints and numerous clinical, administrative, financial and technical stakeholders.

They preferred Boston Software Systems over other healthcare data and automation companies based on our established understanding of clinical and business healthcare operations plus our proven ability to assess, engineer and apply advanced robotic process automation solutions to their advanced and diverse needs. Their immediate and ongoing data management initiatives center on electronic health records (EHR) data management solutions, which require our RPA technology to organize, optimize and accelerate for greater accuracy, speed and immediacy of results.

About Boston Software Systems

Since 1985, Boston Software Systems is the dedicated leader in healthcare automation. Hospitals, health systems and providers have streamlined data management and improved accuracy while reducing costs and administrative burden. We have worked with all of the leading EHR vendors, and optimizing usability and user satisfaction.
Our exclusive healthcare experience offers a thorough understanding of the unique challenges of HIPAA, PHI and security.  We have thousands of connections working with all applications and vendor systems, and provide 100% US-based support. 

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