National Health System Chooses Boston Software Systems For Expansive RPA, EHR and Data Optimization

Jun 14, 2018

A leading national health system has chosen Boston Software Systems to facilitate a series of RPA and other data optimization initiatives across their organization in a multiyear contract. They oversee facilities in 20+ states including:

  • 70+ metropolitan and rural medical centers, hospitals and health systems
  • Multiple physician practices, clinics and post-acute / out-patient centers

As a sizable and growing organization, the diversity of care they provide is vast. Healthcare data is a strategic resource for them to manage their clinical and business operations. They are seeking to optimize and economize their healthcare information systems and EHR platforms through strategic RPA deployment, EHR platform migration / integration and ongoing data optimization across their organization as well as within and between facilities, units, floors and departments.

The health system’s goals are to maximize clinician / business staff productivity to increase patient care while getting maximum ROI from their healthcare data resources at lower costs. Through optimizing their data they are empowered to make productive use of data faster and decrease the burden on staff through creating a digitized workforce within their organization. EHR platform migration is a key aspect to their strategy as is the objective to apply RPA within appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, inventory / materials management and other data streams to economically increase organizational productivity.

For over 30 years, Boston Software Systems is the high performance standard in healthcare RPA, EHR platform migration and data optimization solutions for hospitals and health systems worldwide. Our pure focus in healthcare enables us to immediately collaborate with customers and partners to engineer innovative, cost effective ways to apply RPA solutions. Platform migration has a clinical, financial, technical and operational impact on healthcare provider organizations. We have the established experience necessary to facilitate platform migration initiatives on-time and on-budget; enabling clients to gain maximum ROI from EHR platforms, increase patient care and organizational productivity while reducing costs.

Contact us and let’s have a conversation about your healthcare data optimization challenges and goals.

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