Successful EHR Migration: Problem List Data

A growing health system was implementing an EHR migration across its organization. It is a vital provider of care in a 4-county area for suburban and rural populations. As part of the initiative, the Problems list data was an important EHR element to be accounted for in the data migration process. 

Learn how they achieved these strategic EHR migration goals:

  • Approximately 700,000 Problem list records migrated in less than a week
  • Thousands of hours in manual data entry transfer costs were avoided
  • The Problems List data enriches the new EHR system as a resource; staff makes fully informed patient care decisions sooner; organizational productivity was increased, expenses decreased
  • Staff is not burdened with toggling between information sources
  • Patient evaluations, medical procedures, tests, etc. are efficiently arranged
  • Historic and ongoing patient information is complete, accurate, easy to interpret
  • Patient care is more precise, safer with more complete insights
  • Increased user satisfaction with measurable ROI from the Problem list EHR migration
  • The health system is more competitive; operating with a higher degree of clinical, financial, technical and operational efficiency from a thorough EHR migration

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