Robotic Process Automation Improves Health System’s Materials Management 

Boston Software Systems has been working with a globally respected non-profit health system in a strategic, highly focused materials management initiative centered on pricing and the application of automation software to improve processes, data accuracy and financial precision.  The organization is comprised of 15 hospitals with over 1,700 beds with nine additional care centers.  It was seeking to improve overall operational efficiencies with the use of automation, plus account for several user functions relative to pricing changes and an upgrade to its materials management system.  It is one of the largest non-profit healthcare provider organizations in the United States.

Materials management is a complex function and essential service within hospitals and health systems; it operates 24/7, 365 days a year.  For this particular health system, materials management was of paramount consideration as it supports patient care and services generating almost $5 billion annually –coupled with approximately $300 million in un-reimbursed public health and charity care.  Learn how to leverage automation as an essential resource in achieving pricing and materials management goals for the organization by reading its case study.

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