Healthcare Automation Solutions for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Provider Organizations

With Boston Software Systems’ Healthcare Automation Solutions:

  • Measurably reduce costly errors and delays
  • Reduce clinical data burden and manual data input
  • Increase role-based user satisfaction 
  • Facilitate simple or complex ad-hoc or stndard reporting capabilities
  • Drive organizational efficiency and performance 24/7/365 regardless of staff levels
  • Migrate all the data you need for EHR migrations- available at Go Live
  • Bridge the gaps in data usability

We provide healthcare automation software solutions to thousands of healthcare provider organizations worldwide so they can achieve their clinical, financial, operational and technical goals.  High performance data empowers doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians with a decisive edge in patient care.  Healthcare administration, operations, revenue cycle and others are able to achieve their goals efficiently, and effectively.

Boston Software Systems is dedicated to:

  • Hospitals, Health Systems, Healthcare Provider Organizations and our Partners
  • Engineering Advanced Automation Solutions in Healthcare
  • Providing All U.S. Based Customer Service and Support with Unparallled Healthcare  Knowledge

Clinicians and administrative staff spend way too much time on data management; our software, solutions and services resolve this issue.  Patient care and organizational productivity improves while cost and complexity is reduced.

Boston WorkStation

Boston WorkStation is a feature-rich healthcare automation engine that automates thousands of common, repetitive and manual tasks within and across facilities,  hospitals, health systems and provider organizations.  Simple or complex processes are mapped and executed with high-speed precision and accuracy. Reduce the data burden on your staff and physicians. Automate with Boston Workstation.