Boston Workstation is The Proven Leader in Digital Workforce Automation

The Only Automation Platform with a Pure Healthcare Focus 

  • Improve operational efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction
  • Power EHR/EMR data migration and legacy system sunsetting
  • Optimize revenue cycle health, medical billing, reimbursement processes, A/R
  • Reduce the cycle of clinical and administrative data fatigue
Eliminate Repetitive Tasks, Reduce Cost and Complexity 
  • Bring over all of the data you need in an EHR data migration
  • Integrate application, system, and device interoperability 
  • Power revenue cycle health; proactively address claims issues, speed resubmissions, and get paid faster
  • Integrate Lab results, and diagnostics from third-party systems 
  • Create and maintain backup databases to reduce system downtime 
  • Automate purchasing, inventory control, materials management, supply chain, and logistics processes
  • Create, and manage user IDs and passwords across multiple systems; monitor access, and reinforce HIPAA / PHI compliance 

Improve Processes. Ensure 100% Accuracy. 

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