LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation)

Healthcare's Automation Standard,
Optimizing Processes for 30 Years

How much time, money, and efficiency are you losing to routine, repetitive tasks and processes?

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Disruption

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) helps hospitals and health systems bridge the gaps left by system vendors who don't deliver on interoperability claims, leaving providers and staff struggling to complete time-consuming manual workflows. It’s a flexible, client-to-client implementation, designed to work the way you do, aligning to existing workflows and business constraints.

It’s time to take a look at the processes — and bottlenecks — in place and think about how to automate them. LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) is a digital ally that works 24/7/365, alongside human employees, completing tasks, ensuring accuracy, and eliminating the workflow issues faced by manual data entry. Check out our latest release: BWS20 Featuring Content Connection

“In addition to improving the workflow of manual tasks, LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) has allowed us to reallocate resources to more patient-critical areas.”

B. ThielSenior IT Analyst

It’s not just an automation engine, it's a workflow improvement tool, identifying errors before they occur. Having a data-driven solution enables your healthcare organization to achieve measurable improvement in clinical and financial usability, preventing the financial losses that occur from incomplete data at go-live.

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) is your solution to:
  • Save thousands of hours of manual data entry
  • Cut EHR migration timelines to less than 12 weeks
  • Boost revenue cycle timelines, reduce days in A/R
  • Migrate ANY data from ANY system, kiosk, or silo
Make data actionable from day one, with the power and efficiency of LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation).

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