Boston WorkStation: Healthcare Automation Engine that Increases Productivity, Ensures 100% Accuracy and Reduces Cost

Boston WorkStation® is your solution for:

  • Reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, cultivating organizational productivity, enabling workforce digitization
  • EHR migration / EHR conversion, EMR migration / EMR conversion
  • Legacy system decommissioning, technical cost and complexity reduction
  • Automating medical billing, revenue cycle management / RCM, managed care reimbursement processes, Medicare claim denials / payer claim denials
  • Accelerated, accurate data optimization
  • Reducing clinical, administrative, financial, operational and technical staff burden to manage and productively apply data
These are just a few areas where your hospital, health system or large healthcare provider organization can put Boston WorkStation® to work:
  • Automate data migration to a new healthcare information system / EHR/EMR
  • Integrate HIS / HIM functions; orchestrate application, system and device interoperability 
  • Perform insurance eligibility checks, update results in HIS
  • Integrate lab results and other diagnostics from third-party systems into HIS
  • Create / maintain backup databases to reduce system downtime issues
  • Revenue cycle management; post payments, collections, deposits, resubmissions and claims issues
  • Manage vendors, contracts, payer relations
  • Automate purchasing, inventory control, materials management, supply chain and logistics processes
  • Create and manage user IDs and passwords across multiple systems; monitor access, reinforce HIPAA / PHI compliance measures
  • Manage updates to dictionaries, directories, tables
  • Create efficient, uniform processes within one hospital or across entire healthcare systems
  • Proficiently manage tens-of-thousands of complete patient records and an array of other data; improve user satisfaction, cut costs and resolve medical and administrative staff burnout from data management fatigue

Boston WorkStation enhances your existing healthcare information system by:

  • Creating customized clinical and business data rules and workflows
  • Providing seamless real-time access to external applications while working within the HIS
  • Developing healthcare-focused RPA solutions engineered to achieve user and organizational goals and objectives
  • Accelerating processes and improving data precision
  • Reducing technical complexity, lowering costs

Contact us and put the power, accuracy and economy of Boston WorkStation to work for you.