LGI RPA (formerly Boston Workstation 20)

Focusing on the operational aspects of automation, LGI RPA (formerly Boston Workstation 20) makes it faster and easier than ever for users to significantly increase the speed and scale of their automation projects. LGI RPA (formerly Boston Workstation 20) is 100% backward-compatible with your existing automations without any need to convert or update code.

  • New Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Content Object-Based Approach for Building Automations
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Build from Workflow Recording or Screen Capture
  • Shareable Across Teams and Organization

Introducing Content Connection

Content Connection is a reusable approach centered around content objects. This new approach greatly simplifies automation development and supports any application, whether locally installed, thin client, web-based, or remote hosted. Content Connection does not require learning of fonts or numbers, and handles fuzzy fonts with ease. These new tools make building and maintaining automations faster than ever before.

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) accelerates projects, outperforming hundreds of other RPA vendors, with solid 5-star reviews.

We are excited to talk about these improvements and even more excited for you to try them. Do you want to learn more about how Boston WorkStation 20 can add value to your organization?

Please note, LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) is not affected by the Log4j vulnerability.

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