Cognauto: The Cognitive Automation Platform

Cognauto® is a cognitive automation platform:

It makes it easy for you to develop any type of workflow automation. Healthcare organizations use Cognauto to benefit from error-free automation for every application and eliminate the expense of data entry resources.

Cognauto is built on more than 25 years of experience in healthcare:

It provides unique features and capabilities for automating the process demands of healthcare environments. A true development platform, Cognauto is feature-rich to simplify building step-by-step or rules-based automations. The Cognauto Console makes fast work of scheduling automations on demand, continuously, or at any time. Complex processes involving inter-dependent automation that require synchronized scheduling can be set up to run in the desired order and interval.

The Cognauto Dashboard Viewer provides a variety of key performance metrics that demonstrate the automation’s performance information, ROI data based on previous runs and a high level diagram view of the automation’s workflow.

Cognauto optimizes the efficiency of any process, and allows organizations to quickly respond to regulatory requirements and implement strategic initiatives:

Cognauto is used by vendors to the healthcare industry to fill the gaps in their product and service offerings, accelerate project timelines, and expand their business opportunities.

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Cognauto is becoming a mission-critical part of our business. We recently implemented a workflow that would take claims from our clearinghouse then load and process the data into our billing system (IDX). So far, only 10% of our claims volume is going through this automated workflow. In the next few weeks, we will announce to all of our providers who submit claims by mail to electronically send their claims to our clearinghouse so that they can be processed automatically. We are excited to make this happen! For a long time, our company has been processing claims manually. Automation is finally happening in our "managed care" side of our business.  

– Joseph Serrano, Daughters of Charity Health System