Productivity Dashboard

Productivity Dashboard
Track and Discover Productivity Gaps

Managing the growing volume of data that managers are tasked with processing on a daily basis has been historically difficult for hospitals and health systems. With remote work currently a “new normal” for departments that were previously not working remotely, it’s even more difficult to monitor, manage, and maintain organizational performance.

Boston Software Systems helps hospitals and health systems monitor and manage expectations, set clear and concise goals, and display results in a meaningful way.

The dashboard takes information from existing reports found in the EHR, and displays them in a customizable view with drill-down functionality.

Dashboard deployment is completed within days, without EHR vendor involvement, and at a fraction of the cost of other approaches and products.

Transform your organization with an “always-on” view of efficiency and productivity. Highlight problems when they occur, and address areas that require improvement:
  • Revenue Cycle Claims Status
  • Organizational Productivity
  • Materials / Resource Management
  • Quality Initiatives

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