Lab Registration

Mount Auburn found that attaching accurate patient information to specimens going from clinics and physician offices to hospital labs was a problem. In some cases only handwritten patient information accompanies a specimen to the hospital and lab personnel were taking time to register patients using this information which delayed ordering lab work and ultimately caused billing delays, costly corrections, and re-billing issues.

If the samples and/or patient could be pre-registered, then the lab personnel could order the lab work needed without having to perform the registration based solely on the information delivered with the specimen and accurate pre-registration would save time and money by smoothing the billing process.

Using Boston WorkStation, Mt. Auburn is automating the pre-registration process. Boston WorkStation runs unattended and in real time to pre-register patients and/or specimens for lab work. When a sample is drawn, the physician’s office sends patient information to a text file in their IDX physician system. Boston WorkStation runs continuously Monday through Friday 8am through 6pm automatically logging in and checking for new files with patients to be registered. When it finds one, it automatically registers the patient into the hospital’s Meditech system and produces an audit file detailing the number of records processed and any exceptions that were encountered. In addition, it formats and sorts an Excel™ spreadsheet that details all of the actual data sent from the physician’s office. Both files are produced daily and are date stamped, and the actual data is backed up. At the end of the day, a copy of the exception report and the Excel spreadsheet is emailed to a distribution list for review.

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