Clinical & Patient Records

Virtually every HITECH requirement touches clinical and patient records. Many healthcare organizations are using Boston Software Systems’ workflow automation platforms to have a positive and direct effect on patient care and satisfaction.

Automating Health Data

Device Integration

Moving results from devices directly into the EHR or to other devices or systems is not only a time-saver; it ensures 100% accuracy and reduces the critical time in patient treatment.

EHR Integration

Typically, the move to a new EHR is a strategic decision that is meant to improve the course of care by providing a single source of patient history.  An effective EHR integration gives all hospital departments a consistent view of a patient’s record and should allow clinicians to access important patient history easily.

Results Reporting

Automating the integration of results reporting with the EHR puts critical data into the patient record and into the hands of clinicians faster and with 100% accuracy.