EMR Integration

In order to expedite the registration process at The Little Clinics, CIO Mat Waites and his team used Boston WorkStation to develop a patient registration kiosk that automates the registration process and enables the kiosks to interface with the eClinicalWorks EMR. Prior to using this kiosk, the patient filled out a detailed paper form by hand, which the clinician then had to manually key into the system. The clinician also had to document the patient queue by hand. As such, clinicians were spending too much time playing the role of registrar and billing clerk, instead of focusing their time on patients.
After the patient inputs demographic and insurance information into the kiosk, Boston WorkStation consistently and automatically pulls the data from the kiosk database into the EMR, reducing the amount of administrative work for the staff.  Boston WorkStation can also identify repeat patients and alerts the clinician, to further expedite the care process.

Automating the registration and data transfer process saves hundreds of hours and approximately $12,000 per month, allowing for greater focus on patient care.

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