Emergency Department Connection

One of the big frustrations of the 300-plus physician group practice at Riverside Health System was not getting advanced notice from the emergency department (ED) when it had seen one of the group’s patients. Often, after a visit to the ED, a patient is told to follow up with his/her primary care doctor in the next few days. However, when a patient arrives at the clinic, the primary care doctor struggles to provide continuity of care because he lacks information from the ED.

Riverside needed a way to automatically log patients out of its ED in order to provide caregivers accurate, up-to-date information. Previously, the person in the Medical Records department would spend eight hours per day updating the registration system to log out patients. Using Boston WorkStation against their Siemens Invision system, they log these patients out in less than one hour. The result is a more efficient registration process in the ED and a free full-time employee to use in a more substantial capacity.

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