Customer Interviews

In these brief, 10-minute interviews, customers share how they use our healthcare RPA software and services to save time, reallocate resources, increase productivity and more. Each customer interview is on-demand and fully unscripted. This means you hear directly from our customers, in their own words and at your convenience about the effectiveness of our robotic process automation innovations.

To get started, select from any of our on-demand customer interviews below.

Migrating Legacy Systems to Epic

Kent Henriksen, CIO from a large health system describes how our automation platform allowed him to migrate their enterprise legacy systems to Epic along with millions of key clinical records.

Migrating Legacy Data to a New EHR

Fred Calatayud, CIO and COO of Women’s Health describes how Boston WorkStation helped migrate legacy patient data to their new EMR along with key results, performance metrics, and additional impacts to the organization following the successful migration.

Automation in CVSHealth MinuteClinics

Sarkis Yagoubian from CVSHealth describes how automation is allowing the CVS team to respond to rapid growth by streamlining the process for onboarding new clinics around the United States. In addition he describes the significant cost and time savings they have had using this and other automation solutions throughout the organization.

Improving Clinical Workflow at Patient Discharge

Jake Schaap from Unity Health System describes how automation using Boston WorkStation allowed his team to improve clinical workflow at discharge, saving each of their physicians 30-60 minutes every day.

Automating Medicare Patient Account Verification | Customer Interview

Julie Lewis from Houston Methodist Hospital describes how automation allowed her team to streamline Medicare patient account verification and reallocate 2 FTE’s per week.

Mass Updates in Meditech

Kevin Sexton from Fauquier Hospital describes how automation allowed him to perform over 20,000 updates in one weekend after a hospital acquisition.