Department Sheets

From automating simple data entry to complex, multi-step processes involving medical and business decision-making, Boston Software Systems’ automation solutions are used in thousands of ways across hospitals, health systems and provider organizations. Employing a digital workforce allows companies to replace tedious human processing with fast and always accurate information. This enables better collaboration and communication between disparate applications, eliminating conflicting information stored in multiple data silos. As healthcare continues to be increasingly data driven, automation benefits in numerous ways to serve as a digitized workforce for healthcare organizations. Explore the ways automation can work for you, by downloading the following departmental solution sheets:

Business & Finance | Department Sheets

Explore how Business & Finance managers with tight budgets and short staff are able to complete routine jobs efficiently and with 100% accuracy.

Clinical & Patient Records | Department Sheet

Learn how other healthcare organizations are using Boston Software Systems’ workflow automation platforms to have a positive and direct effect on patient care and satisfaction.

IT & Operations

Discover how IT managers are saving time and money, increasing productivity, and reducing errors using workflow automation platforms from Boston Software Systems.

Materials Management

Examine how automating processes within the Materials Management department provides reduced operating expenses, dramatic procurement savings, and with little or no oversight.