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Our robotic process automation software products, solutions and services are healthcare-engineered for effective results. We closely evaluate your unique needs and goals and offer a variety of training and service options to ensure your success.

Our mentoring programs give you hands-on experience building RPA solutions in your own environment. All our training programs are tailored to your needs and experience level.
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When you are under pressure to get specific workflows automated, we can step in to get your projects done. Boston Software Systems provides technology deployment and project services to solve your data, EHR migration and healthcare information challenges on time and on budget.

Our world-class Support Program is designed to help our customers get the most from their investment. Most questions may be quickly answered with a phone call, but we are happy to share your desktop via GoToMeeting to see just what your unique application requires.

Support is available from 8:30AM until 8PM Eastern Time, but don’t hesitate to call or e-mail your support questions at any time. Call 866.653.5105 X 1 or email to

For supported customers, our Customer Center offers a rich variety of on-demand training materials, regularly scheduled webinars, a library of code snippets that can be customized to your needs, and participation in our Forum.