Today’s healthcare professionals are extremely busy, so we’ve created these podcasts to make it easy for you to hear directly from industry peers when you’re on the go. Each podcast is on-demand so you control what you hear and when. You’ll learn about topics ranging from healthcare robotic process automation, EHR migration, sunsetting legacy systems, EHR optimization and how our RPA solutions and services are expediting processes in a wide variety of organizations and departments.

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Healthcare organizations may have different factors driving them to replace or upgrade existing systems, however migrating to a new EHR is a huge undertaking that presents many risks to both the organization and its patients. Among the risks of manual data migration are inaccurate data, issues with patient safety or satisfaction, increased costs, delayed clinical adoption or worse. Learn how health systems are standardizing their EHR migration process and avoiding these risks.

Sunsetting of Legacy Systems

When making the switch from one EHR vendor to another you don't want to be stuck supporting both systems. You need a plan for sunsetting legacy applications, but decommissioning old EHRs is a challenge for most healthcare organizations. In many instances the health system realizes that that the application needs to be retired, but is unsure of when and how that process should begin. Learn how health systems are standardizing their legacy data migration and sunsetting processes with Boston Software Systems.

System Optimization

Migrating to a new EHR is a massive undertaking but it doesn’t stop at go-live. Many EHR migration projects are completed but the closure and transition of the project to operations and long-term support are not always as successful. In these podcasts you will learn how to optimize processes after migration to ensure patient safety, compliance, clinical adoption and physician satisfaction to ensure your new EHR reaches its full potential.

General Automation

Hospitals around the world use automation to solve a variety of workflow challenges. Explore these solutions to see how our workflow automation platforms expedite processes, reduce costs and provide 100% accuracy for any healthcare organization.