General Automation

Hospitals around the world use automation to solve a variety of workflow challenges. Explore these solutions to see how our workflow automation platforms expedite processes, reduce costs and provide 100% accuracy for any healthcare organization.

Automation in CVSHealth Minute Clinics

In this podcast, Sarkis Yagoubian from CVSHealth shares how their team uses Boston WorkStation to automate the complex process of onboarding new CVS MinuteClinics around the United States.

Improving Clinical Workflow at Patient Discharge

Jake Schaap from Unity Health System shares how his team uses Boston WorkStation to automate the clinical workflow within Cerner PowerChart at the time of patient discharge saving each of their physicians up to 60 minutes a day.

Automating Medicare Patient Account Verification | Podcast

Julie Lewis from Houston Methodist Hospital shares how her team used Boston WorkStation to automate the complex process of identifying and verifying at-risk Medicare patient accounts in the billing and financial services departments.

North Kansas City Hospital: Secrets to Business Office Success

NKCH application analyst, Teri Hallberg discusses the benefits of automating various processes in the business office of this 450-bed hospital.

Integrating CPOE Orders: A Guide to Moving Mountains | Podcast

In this podcast, Dewey Howell, president of Design Clinicals, reveals how data automation accurately integrates medication orders with pharmacies, eliminating manual tasks and workflow delays.

The Hands-Free Business Office: How Automation Improves Efficiency

In this podcast, we explore how data automation works within the business office to achieve greater accuracy and eliminate risks by streamlining processes and manual workflows.

Integrating Clinical Registrations | Podcast

Learn about the far-reaching benefits when a hospital integrates registrations into Meditech from a clinic's NextGen system, including the elimination of a two-month backlog of work.