Solution Sheets

Boston Software Systems combines our expertise, process and technology to develop RPA solutions that address specific healthcare challenges. We combine the knowledge of our services team with our standardized processes and the power of our automation platforms to automate workflow, assist with your platform migration and to solve your most complex healthcare data integration issues.  

Our exclusive focus in healthcare enables us to immediately collaborate with hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations on clinical, financial, operational, IT and other data applications.

Guide to Cerner Migrations

Your migration to a Cerner EHR may be leaving you with more questions than answers about using automation in the migration process. This Guide offers a glimpse into our experience with Cerner systems and our knowledge of migration workflow and automation technology. We combine these benefits to assist you at every step of the migration process.

Guide to Cerner Appointments Migration

Migrating future appointments and guarantors to your Cerner system before go-live will ensure future appointments are not canceled or scheduled incorrectly. If you are planning a migration to Cerner, here are the key things to consider for this important migration that will ensure a smooth transition for users and patients.

Cerner EHR Optimization

Boston Software Systems’ Cerner EHR Optimization solution maximizes the value of your Cerner EHR by combining our expertise, process knowledge and automation technology. By optimizing the daily processes and workflows encountered in Cerner, you'll derive the full benefits of a single system solution.