North Kansas City Hospital: Secrets to Business Office Success

Discover how Boston WorkStation saved 4.5 FTEs and enhanced the patient centric revenue cycle.

Hear from Teri Hallberg, Application Analyst with North Kansas City Hospital on how this 450-bed hospital is using Boston WorkStation and how workflow automation made it possible to improve operational efficiency and accelerate the patient centric revenue cycle while still being able to repurpose 4.5 FTEs to focus on projects requiring critical thinking.

View this on-demand webcast and:

  • Learn how automation improves operational efficiency and accelerates the patient centric revenue cycle
  • Discover how to achieve greater accuracy on any manual data entry driven task
  • Understand how staff can be repurposed to focus on critical thinking projects

You’ll also hear from Matt Hawkins, Vice President of Providers and Health Plans from Boston Software Systems for a review of the issues healthcare providers face when needing to run faster, smarter, and leaner. Matt will share from his deep domain knowledge of Boston WorkStation and the benefits you can obtain from automating common and repetitive tasks in the business office.

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