Valley Medical Center: Steps for Avoiding Migration Pitfalls | Webcast

How to come in under budget and before your deadline.

Over 700 healthcare providers have migration projects planned for this year or have projects already underway. Many of these organizations, while prepared for continued business operation, are not structured for migration. In fact, many EMR vendors can only bring you so far in the migration itself. Concern over how to ensure clinical continuity and satisfaction among department heads is at the forefront, and migration challenges must be met despite time and budget constraints, limited staff resources, and concerns over data accuracy.

In this webcast, Pat McKinney, Senior Application Analyst with Valley Medical Center (VMC) reveals how this hospital came in under budget and on time during migration, while still being able to achieve an annual cost savings of $200K. Pat will share how VMC avoided looming migration pitfalls making it possible to ensure the utmost satisfaction among department heads due to their ability to deliver optimal patient care.

View this on-demand webcast and learn:

  • 5 Steps for avoiding migration pitfalls
  • Ways to ensure satisfaction among department heads
  • How to come in on time and under budget

You’ll also hear from Matt Hawkins, Vice President of Providers and Health Plans from Boston Software Systems, as he delivers the 5 steps for avoiding migration pitfalls. Matt will share from his deep domain knowledge of Boston WorkStation and the benefits automation provides during migration.

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