White Papers

We invite you to download from our library of informative white papers as we explore critical issues faced by today’s healthcare providers and vendors. You’ll discover best practices for improving productivity and learn how robotic process automation / RPA revolutionizes healthcare.

Eliminate the Chaos: 5 Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration

If you are migrating to a new EHR or are considering a migration, there are five myths that will cause chaos throughout your organization. This white paper describes these myths, the chaos they cause and what can be done to eliminate it.

EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption

Each phase of an EHR migration requires planning and an understanding of what data is needed to provide a complete EHR that supports clinical adoption, patient care, safety and satisfaction. This white paper examines the strategic considerations and challenges encountered in migrating and making data available in a new system.

Three Steps to a Successful Migration

When moving to a new EMR or going through a major HIS upgrade, all hospitals face the challenges of cross platform migration which includes migrating all types of data from legacy systems to new systems. In this white paper you’ll learn the steps involved in data migration, the pitfalls to watch for, and how automation solves many of your issues.

Checking Medicare Claims Status: A Vendor Perspective

Monitoring the status of Medicare claims is a time-consuming task that overwhelms precious resources for both hospitals and providers. In this white paper, explore the issues surrounding the workflow process, how to reliably automate the Medicare claims handling process, and more.

Cognauto Versus Windows Automation Tools

In this white paper, explore key differences between Cognauto®, the next generation automation platform, and Windows automation tools. You’ll discover how their development environments differ and how Cognauto’s error detection and reporting functions can monitor a process to ensure reliability.