Cognauto Versus Windows Automation Tools

There is a proliferation of Windows automation tools that serve a variety of needs for IT departments who are looking for ways to automate simple repetitive tasks. When the workflow is more complex, or decisions and branching logic are part of the process, a more sophisticated automation platform is required.

“Cognauto Versus Windows Automation Tools” dives into the specific differences between Windows tools and Cognauto®, the next generation automation platform. In this white paper, you will learn why Cognauto is used to reliably automate the flow of even the most critical data and complex processes.  You will discover the key differences between Cognauto and Windows tools, how their development environments differ, and how Cognauto’s error detection and reporting functions can monitor a process to ensure reliability. While Windows tools handle non-screen related IT automations very well, workflow scripting with Cognauto includes broad functionality and a rich development environment for complex automations.

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