Our Automation Solutions
Optimize Data Performance

Every healthcare system is struggling to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest cost. Since 1985, Boston Software solutions has worked alongside human workers, in hospitals, health systems, provider organizations and in partner technologies, enabling healthcare to perform at higher levels, with greater accuracy, at a reduced cost.

Boston Software Systems and our client hospitals, health systems and technology partners understand the challenges involving system migration, and data conversion.

Our Solutions Accelerate Projects

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) automates thousands of tasks in hundreds of systems, in hospitals, health systems, provider organizations and technology solutions across the globe.

Our technology helps people bridge the gaps left by system vendors who don't deliver on interoperability claims, leaving providers and staff struggling to complete time-consuming, manual workflows. It’s a flexible, client-to-client implementation, designed to work the way you do, aligning to existing tasks and business constraints.

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