Automating Healthcare's High-Volume Tasks in Hospitals and Health Systems

Healthcare Information Technology Leadership:

For over 30 years, Boston Software Systems automation technology and services have provided exceptional ROI across hospitals, health systems and provider organizations. We empower clinicians and administrative staff to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing complexity and cost.

Healthcare professionals including physicians, clinicians and administrative staff are burdened by repetitive tasks, overwhelming data burden and inefficiency. Our automation solutions and services bring greater organizational productivity, improving cost and reducing burnout. When access and availability of data becomes a high performance resource, workflows are improved.

Boston Software Systems enables customers to meet patient care advancement and reduce costs.

Through our global experience and exclusive healthcare industry focus, we engineer healthcare automation software solutions for the highly specialized data applications, including:

We provide our clients with a pivotal, strategic advantage as our pure concentration in healthcare fortifies us with an extensive understanding of HIPAA, PHI and other data security and privacy regulations. 

The objective of intelligent automation in healthcare is to take repetitive, high-volume tasks and offload them to a digital workflorce, freeing up human capital to focus on more important things. The level of knowledge and experience we have over a 30-year period, means clinical and business information management projects are successfully completed with an absolute minimum of risk to all stakeholders.

Boston Software Systems is the high performance standard in healthcare automation.Let's talk about how we can improve your organizational performance.