Power the Future of Cost Effective Healthcare with a Digital Workforce

Hospitals and health systems worldwide rely on Boston Software Systems to reduce manual, repetitive tasks, migrate EHR/EMR data, create efficient workflow processes, and bridge the gaps in system silos.

Boston Software Systems is the only company with an exclusive focus in healthcare - powering organizational efficiencies since 1985.

How can you improve the revenue cycle with automation technology?

  • Improve accounts receivable
  • Reduce claims and eligibility processing time by 83%
  • Manage tasks 95% faster with automation
  • Ensure 100% accuracy
  • Speed resubmissions and increase organizational productivity
  • Power the referral and authorization process

Learn about improving healthcare administration and finance ROI, in this whitepaper: 

“Hospital and Health System Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): Improve Performance with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”

This case study profiles a leading academic health system and how Boston Software Systems’ developed a series of automation applications to streamline and accelerate billing and claim reimbursement processes to achieve financial goals:

“An Academic Health System Achieves Positive RCM Outcomes”

Automation offers advantages to manage insurance claim denials. Download this whitepaper to learn how to deploy automation to improve the claim denial process and streamline revenue cycle management performance:

“Claim Denial Processing: Accelerate Success with Automation ”

If your organization is considering or has completed a merger or acquisition, download this whitepaper covering the advantages of  EHR/EMR data migration and data optimization:

“Hospital and Health System Mergers & Acquisitions: Achieve Clinical, Financial and Organizational Goals with Automation”

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