Optimizing Healthcare Data Quality in EMR / EHR Migration Initiatives

When undertaking an EMR / EHR data migration, you want your new system to perform better than the old one while avoiding new issues that can lead to additional costs and user dissatisfaction.

Boston Software Systems has built its business on helping hospitals and health systems fully optimize their EMR / EHR migration process and future operating capabilities. We can assist with your system optimization and in many cases, we do it before Go Live. Typical processes to have optimized include batch cleanups, or any kind of reconciliation or workflow that is data driven. Our healthcare automation software solutions eliminate the problems associated with manual data input by HL7 interfaces. These take six to eight weeks to design, develop and test compared to two weeks of development using our automation software solutions.Our suite of technology solutions work autonomously and do not interfere with ongoing clinical workflows.

We collaborate with you to identify the key processes for optimization in the SUP, Cert or Test environment and ensure those data workflows are running with efficiency. After the Go Live, we can continue to assist with automating additional processes and workflows. The results are a smooth transition to the new system, greater satisfaction with your EHR and peace of mind that you are maximizing the efficiency of your new system.

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