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Migrating to a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) is, for most hospitals and health systems, the single largest undertaking in the history of the organization, presenting significant challenges to operations, clinical workflows, and revenue cycle health. Across healthcare, we are seeing the results of not moving critical data from the legacy system. The effects include: risks to patient safety, a reduction in the number of patients seen, increased implementation cost and hospitals required to support the legacy systems they had intended to sunset. All of these issues disrupt future strategic plans.

We can help at any point during your migration, testing or Go Live: 

  • Save thousands of hours in manual data entry.
  • Cut your migration timeline to less than 12 weeks
  • Implement a more successful alternative to HL7 
  • Bring over PAMI data, notes, free text and even schedules
  • Leverage the consistency and accuracy of your clinical data
Don’t wait until the impact of an incomplete migration affects your organization. Ensure all of the data necessary for day-today operations is available from day one.

“Automation Drives 5 Million Patient Record EHR Migration Success”

Our automation technology and EHR data migration experience is unparalleled in healthcare; we have worked with all of the leading EMR/EHR vendors, including:

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Active Data Quality (ADQ) is a service provided by Boston Software Systems to accelerate and enhance EHR migration. ADQ enables hospitals, health systems, provider organizations and technical partners to smoothly execute simple or complex EHR migration initiatives. Through our unique approach to migration we can bring over data that other's simply can't, such as appointments, patient histories, preferred pharmacy, surgical preference cards and more. Our ADQ process allows complete control of the data, ensuring only clean data is migrated to the new EHR, reducing the need for manual checks. The result is one complete and accurate patient record, eliminating the overwhelming burden (and cost) of manual entry..

Don’t fall into the trap of manual data entry suggested by your EHR vendor.

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