EHR Migration Success: Medication and Pharmacy Data for 460,000 Patient Records Available at Go Live

A growing health system was undertaking a system-wide EHR migration, comprised of 460,000 patient records. The operating structure consisted of a 325 bed hospital and trauma center, multiple medical facilities, numerous specialty care offices and practices located throughout a four-county region. 

The Problem:

Medication and pharmacy data was not migrated by the EHR vendor to the new EHR. Manual processes were necessary to locate and input the data which required toggling between two systems. Clinical usability and administrative productivity were significantly delayed. In addition, patient safety was compromised. They needed a process to deliver this information accurately and have it available at Go Live.

The Goals:

Concerns with the quality of the legacy system data, and the lack of consistency and governance around new system data capture, made it critical to bring over only clean medication and pharmacy data to the new system. The goal was to fortify the new EHR with this information, ensure there were no duplications or errors, and that the right information was attached to the right patient record, minimizing gaps and improving patient safety. 

The Results:

460,000 patient records were migrated in less than 10 days. You read that right. Legacy data migration was maximized, eliminating the necessity to hire outside FTEs to enter the data manually. Having this data available in the new EHR from day one of Go Live, ensured role based users could navigate the new system efficiently, and that tasks aligned to clinical workflow.

Automation Powers Medication and Pharmacy Data Migration

Working with an experienced migration partner ensures the transfer of legacy data will be completed quickly, professionally and at a reasonable cost. Boston Software Systems is the only automation company with a pure healthcare focus for over 30 years. Our experience and unique approach to migration allows the comprehensive transfer of data without compromises. Through our migration platform, we make your migrated data usable and actionable from day one of Go Live. By ensuring only clean data populates the new EHR our approach reduces the risk of errors, and provides our clients with increased user satisfaction, saving thousands of dollars in technical complexity and manual data entry.

Give us a call to discuss your EHR data migration. Bring over all of the data you need to improve user satisfaction, increase EHR usability and reduce administrative burden.