Complete EHR Migrations On Time and Within Budget

The Most Common Reason for Delays is The Vendor Will Not Bring Over All of the Data You Need for Day One of Go Live

Timelines are delayed (and costly), and productivity is lost. The clinical and administrative staff require a robust EHR system as a primary resource and incomplete data causes gaps in performance and usability.

For Optimum Cost-Effective Outcomes, There is No Substitute for Complete Patient Data.

Our healthcare-focused automation software solutions are engineered to help your organization overcome EHR data migration issues and achieve the goals outlined in the EHR project plan. 
By not migrating most of the data into the new EHR system, three issues are created:

  1. There are critical gaps in the patient record.These may be medications, past medical histories, allergies or immunizations. All incomplete data places the patient at risk, and the provider in a state of flux.
  2. If some data is retained in the legacy system, clinicians have to toggle back and forth between old and new environments -- adding cost and complexity. 
  3. Timing; When incomplete data is in the new EHR, delays are costly.The EHR conversion process becomes a distracting burden causing clincial and administrative burnout, after hours documentation and distress.

While HL7 interfaces can be built to load data ranging from demographics to medications, that solution is like turning on a fire hose and opening the floodgates. While it's great for bringing over the data, it's not great at organizing, optimizing or categorizing it for optimal usability on day one.

Boston Software Systems depth of experience in EHR/EMR migrations spans 30 years. We have created thousands of application automations to assist hospitals and healthcare organizations take control of their EMR / EHR conversion timeline. 

Using our healthcare automation platforms, we ensure physicians, clinicians and the business office have all of the data needed for clinical and financial decision making. These are several examples of records we can migrate over in time for Go Live:

  • Immunization records
  • Past medical, social, family histories
  • Patient medication histories 
  • Allergies, adverse reactions
  • Appointment and scheduling data
  • Registration

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