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Kick Claims Complexity to the Curb: A $4 Adjustment Can Translate to Millions of Dollars in Missed Revenue


Relying on a manual process to improve process inefficiencies just isn’t an effective use of time or people. Automation solves productivity drains with 100% accuracy and no days off. Boston WorkStation’s digital workforce helps you achieve revenue cycle success, without a high cost, or months to implement. Most of our solutions are developed and deployed within 60 days. A few of our healthcare automation success stories: 

  • Saved 180 hours per month and $20 million in failed claims re-submissions, It only costs a fraction of this to implement, so ROI is realized immediately.
  • Recovered $2 million per year in Emergency Department billing, by automating auditing procedures prior to claim submission.
  • Saved 10 hours per day and $1.2 million per year by automating crossover claim processing.
  • Saved 15 FTEs and $450,000 per year in claims submissions.
Automating tasks in the revenue cycle offloads the overwhelming human burden of sorting through multiple systems, silos, and applications. We automate repetitive, tedious tasks, conditional steps in a process, or automatically and safely move information from one system to another. We work with you to assess the best use of healthcare automation in your environment, collect the data points, apply your business logic, and complete the process, efficiently, securely, and with 100% accuracy.

This type of revenue cycle automation is perfectly suited for:
  • Benefit and Eligibility Checks
  • Prior Authorization Management
  • Claims Management
  • Vendor Contract Management / Contractual Analysis
  • Collections / Payment Processing
  • Write-offs / Adjustments
  • Financial, Performance, Quality Reporting and so much more...

Reduce claims and eligibility processing time by 83%. Manage tasks 95% faster. Increase revenue and reduce days in A/R. Power the referral and authorization process. Boston Software Systems runs thousands of revenue cycle automations every day in hundreds of hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, saving time, saving money, and increasing employee productivity.

We’ll walk you through the benefits of revenue cycle automation in healthcare. Your staff will love this, because they’ll have a digital co-worker who completes the tedious, mind-numbing activities that drain time and energy. They can focus on more important things. We don't eliminate jobs, we enhance human capabilities. Simplify revenue cycle management and #bridgethegaps left by your current vendor, or process. Boost revenue, increase productivity, and eliminate tedious tasking, with Boston Software Systems' revenue cycle management solution.

We're happy to schedule a demo to showcase our solution, contact us and one of our revenue cycle management experts will reach out as soon as possible.

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