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Zeroing in
on Claims Management

Claims and denial management is a challenge in healthcare. LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) is the only digital workforce with a 30 year focus in healthcare. Our automations run in hundreds of hospitals, health systems, and partner technologies every day. LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) logs in to disparate systems, completes and submits claims faster and more accurately than a human workforce, making it a great partner for claims management. Once a claim is submitted, claim statuses are checked and updated daily, alerting staff to those claims that need human intervention.

Boost Bottom Line Revenue

By utilizing an automated process, a virtual digital SWAT team drives efficiency and boosts bottom line revenue. Automation merges data from competing system silos, ensures there are no duplicates, gaps, or missing information, and corrects issues like incomplete claims data before the claim ever hits the queue. If a data element is missing, we access the payor site, log in, capture, and correct the claim, then update the information in the billing system, all without the administrative data burden associated with claims management. This “closes the loop” in billing, and bridges the gaps in interoperability.

Since implementing LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation), we estimate it has generated about $30,000 of new revenue each month. It would have been humanly impossible to achieve these results without Boston WorkStation.”

B. BowlingSenior Network Engineer
Zero In on Claims Management for a Quick ROI
  • Denial Management
  • Prior Authorization and Eligibility
  • Payment Processing
  • Emergency Department Billing
  • Re-submissions
  • Medicare/Medicaid Corrections

How Can You Improve Claims Management with Automation?
  • Ensure 100% accuracy
  • Reduce claims and eligibility processing time by up to 83%
  • Manage tasks up to 95% faster
  • Reduce days in A/R
  • Speed re-submissions and increase organizational productivity
  • Power the referral and authorization process

Put the power of LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) to work on your next project. Our claims management specialists are ready to assist.

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